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Psychotherapy and counselling services online and in Brighton and London

...make changes in your life

I offer psychotherapy and counselling services online and in Brighton and London to help explore what ever is distressing you and support you towards making changes in your life.

I have worked with hundreds of clients on issues including eating disorders, anxiety and low self-esteem, depression, bereavement, and much more.

I am an integrative counsellor which means I use the best approach for you, but above all I value the relationship between a therapist and the client. I am a trained listener, who will help you explore difficult feelings and issues in a safe and constructive way.

Psychotherapy and counselling is a totally confidential process and is not coaching or simply ‘a shoulder to cry on’.

It’s also different from talking to your friends and colleagues about problems. Being able to talk in this “free” and open environment can be a big relief, and the first step to examining what is really troubling you.

You can find out more About Me, and more about counselling at How It Works. If you’re interested, please Get in Touch with me to book an initial free assessment session online.

I also post articles and updates on my Blog.

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