Individual Counselling

Many people feel anxious or unhappy and don’t know why. They think anxiety, panic attacks or depression are the problem, but really these are just symptoms, and the important thing is to find the cause. I can offer you the time and space to explore why you feel the way you do, and that understanding – or self awareness – is the way to living a more fulfilled life.

It may be that a new situation is causing you problems, or you have a deja vu feeling, where a new experience seems linked to something you have experienced before. It may be a bad experience, you thought you’d forgotten, is now leading to unhelpful behaviours or relationship difficulties. Work pressure and stress all pile on the pressure, making us sometimes feel isolated and unable to cope.

“Counselling is a totally confidential process…”

Counselling is a totally confidential process and is not like coaching or just ‘a shoulder to cry on’. It’s also different from talking to your friends and colleagues about problems. A counsellor has a professional not personal relationship with you, and is trained and experienced in how our subconscious and emotions work. It is also a totally non-judgemental relationship.

You can find out more About Me, Why Counselling might work for you, and How It Works. If you’re interested, please Get in Touch with me to book an initial assessment session in Blackheath, Greenwich or Sidcup.