Individual Counselling

Frequently feeling anxious or fearful is not how most people want to live their lives, particularly if it is accompanied by harsh self-criticism, or even self-loathing.

Often the ways we try to “deal” with this situation actually make it worse, and lead to beliefs and behaviours that further damage self-esteem.

Emotions then seem overwhelming and repressing them the only way or coping. Relationships can be impacted too, or prevented from developing, leaving us feeling more isolated.

How does this happen and why do we get into habits and behaviours that make life so hard and unhappy?

I can offer you the time and space to explore why you feel the way you do, and better understand the way you react and behave to build self-awareness for a more fulfilled life.

“Counselling is a totally confidential process…”

Counselling is a totally confidential process and is not  coaching or simply ‘a shoulder to cry on’. It’s also different from talking to your friends and colleagues about problems. Being able to talk in this “free” and open environment can be a big  relief and the first step to examining what is really troubling you. 

You can find out more About Me, Why Counselling might work for you, and How It Works. If you’re interested, please Get in Touch with me to book an initial assessment session in Brighton.