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What To Expect From A Session

I work primarily as an individual one to one counsellor in a room setting, although I can offer sessions online.

My preferred method of working is integrative counselling, which means I use a range of approaches depending on the requirements. However, I have a strong grounding in attachment theories which involve exploring  earlier experiences to consider how they determine behaviour in later life. I am also practised in short term focused therapy and helping clients develop a range of personal coping techniques to better managing everyday life. These include calming techniques, assertiveness, self care and tackling self-criticism with self compassion.

A key part of any successful therapy is being able to develop a good working relationship in the room, which is open and honest and at times challenging. Sometimes I use diaries, writing and drawing to aid this process.

“It’s key we have an open, honest and, at times, challenging relationship.”

Some weeks will be better than others and if you have a good week it is important not to end the counselling immediately, but consider how robust that recovery is. Likewise some weeks can feel less productive than others and it can feel that the counselling “is not working.” Again it is important not to react too quickly as counselling is not an instant, or even quick, process.

I have experience of working in the following areas: relationships, addiction, anxiety, bereavement and loss, health issues, eating disorders, depression, low self esteem, anger management, borderline personality disorders, self harm and work related stress.

Fees And Timescale

We can arrange an initial session to assess the issues you want to focus on, and  your objectives for therapy.

All sessions usually cost £55 payable in cash at the end of the session or there is a small discount for paying in advance by bank transfer. I also offer discounts for performers and students

There is a strict cancellation policy, which will be fully explained along with confidentiality, data protection and safeguarding at the initial session.

 Not surprisingly clients often feel very tired or upset after sessions, so it is important to give some thought to what you are doing after the session before you book.

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