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I am doing really well now and to think this time last year I was crying weekly in our sessions is just unbelievable!

24 year old private clientPrivate Work

I found today incredibly helpful and I am looking forward to working with you.

53 year old private clientPrivate Work

I think back to our sessions most days to try and keep myself and my mind on the right track.

38-year-old private clientPrivate work

I definitely wouldn’t have got through first year without your help!

20-year-old Musical Theatre studentCollege counselling

You’ve made such a massive contribution to the well being of the College as a whole.

Performing Arts College LecturerThank you

It was such a pleasure getting to work with you on our conference. Thank you for all that you do for dancers’ health and well being.

One Dance UKConference workshop

Thank you for always being there for me over the last year, calming me down/listening to me and my worries.

19-year-old dance studentThank you