Why Counselling?

“A confidential, safe place to talk about how you are really feeling.”

Counselling, or psychotherapy, is often called the ‘listening cure’, because, at its simplest, it is a confidential safe place to go and talk about how you are really feeling. In our busy pressured lives we have less and less opportunity to “open up” in this way, or maybe feel reluctant to “burden” those around us when they have their own problems.

Talking to a trained professional, who does not judge or contradict is different. It enables people to explore their inner most fears and concerns and try to make sense of how your emotions drive your behaviours, and in turn lead to certain difficult situations.   The counsellor is trained in understanding these links and has experience in helping people develop a deeper understanding of what is causing their distress.

This can also be quite a long process, as people often suppress, or bury, feelings that are difficult to deal with, in order to get on with their everyday lives. Then these feelings can be quite hard, and painful, to reconnect with. But it is ultimately worthwhile, as by identifying patterns and connections between the past and the present, clients can achieve it better psychological wellbeing and greater self awareness.

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